I am Joannes Vermorel, founder at Lokad. I am also an engineer from the Corps des Mines who initially graduated from the ENS.

I have been passionate about computer science, software matters and data mining for almost two decades. (RSS - ATOM)


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Embedding maths in a Google Gadget

Google sites is a great product to increase productivity of businesses of any size. At Lokad, one feature that I am really missing from Google Sites is the ability the embed clean mathematical formula in regular web pages.

Actually, a simple and yet very practical way of achieving a decent mathematical display consists of using a JavaScript ASCII Maths to MathML converter. Yet, Google Sites does not support direct 3rd party script inclusion either (which is probably on of the most painful limitation of Google Sites, but I digress).

Thus, I have decided to spend some time toying with the Google Gadgets to figure out if it was possible to circumvent this limitation through widgets. The resulting gadget can be found here. See also the screenshot below.

The syntax is identical the one of AsciiMathML. Enjoy.

Known limitations:

  • Works poorly with Internet Explorer. Since MathML is not natively supported, you need a MathML addon (it's free though).

  • Gadget preferences can't be changed in syndicated environment such as Google Sites. Which means that you have to edit first the page in Google Sites if you want the change made to the gadget to be persistent.

Iridium r8 released and new website fo Math.NET

Math.NET is open-source project delivering mathematics / statistics libraries written in C# (and mostly targeting .Net, although Mono compatibility should not be an issue). I have been personally contributing on the numerics package of Math.NET code-named Iridium.

Several years ago, I did setup a mediawiki-based website for Math.NET, but it's now completely obsolete. Yet, I would like to mention Christoph Ruegg has released a brand new website for Math.NET. Update your (social) bookmarks with

Check also 8th release (March 2007) of the Iridium package available in the download section.