FTP upload to Sourceforge with PowerShell

The release system of Sourceforge.net requires to upload your files by FTP to upload.sourceforge.net. The process is basically a pure pain, especially for small files:

Anyway, here below is a PowerShell script that I am using to upload files by FTP to sourceforge.net. Save this script into ftp2sf.ps1, then from the PowerShell command-line, just type .\ftp2sf.ps1 'myPackage.zip' and your file will get upload to sourceforge.net. Then, go through the sourceforge release interface and complete the process.

# Author: Joannès Vermorel  
# https://blog.vermorel.com/  
# USAGE:  
# .\ftp2sf.ps1 'myLocaFile'`

Param( UploadFilePath="filename");UploadFilePath="filename");UploadFilePath = "filename" ); FtpUploadCommand = "PUT `"" + $UploadFilePath + "`"";

$FtpCommandFilePath = \[System.IO.Path\]::GetFullPath("FTPCommand.tmp");

FtpCommands=@("anonymous","myemail@example.com","cdincoming","bin","quotepasv",FtpCommands=@("anonymous","myemail@example.com","cdincoming","bin","quotepasv",FtpCommands = @( "anonymous", "myemail@example.com", "cd incoming" , "bin", "quote pasv", FtpUploadCommand, "quit" );

FtpCommand=\[String\]::Join("‘r‘n",FtpCommand=\[String\]::Join("‘r‘n",FtpCommand = \[String\]::Join( "\`r\`n", FtpCommands );

set-content FtpCommandFilePathFtpCommandFilePathFtpCommandFilePath FtpCommand;

ftp "-s:$FtpCommandFilePath" upload.sourceforge.net;

remove-item $FtpCommandFilePath;