Discovering Twitter

I have been hearing a lot about Twitter for a long time. I am still puzzled a bit by the concept, but apparently a significant percentage of the registrants at Lokad do have a Twitter account. So now, I can start wasting time on Twitter too while pretending it’s company work :-)

More seriously, it appears that a couple of competitors, prospects, customers are actually discussing of sales forecasts out there, so it might be worth keeping on eye on that.

Thanks to Rinat Abdullin, a twitter account for Lokad had been setup a while ago. Since this account is intended to be a company account, we need to handle several users here. Sharing passwords isn’t such a great method, so I have decided to give a try to CoTweet.

I have also setup a personal twitter account, although, since I am already lagging behind with my various blogs (including the present one), it’s not clear if I will be able to keep up with the frequency that appears to be expected by the Twitter community.

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The expected frequency is in fact much easier to reach than for a blog, mostly because it’s not that high: another popular use of twitter is to serve as a backchannel for events, allowing participants to exchange real-time questions and impressions on, say, a given talk if they all attend the same a conference (and yes, the practice is starting to take academic conferences by storm, after having subdued developer conferences pretty easily). Anyway, enjoy! September 14, 2009 | huitseeker