Meeting Eric Rudder, Senior Vice-President, Microsoft

Yesterday, I had the chance to meet Eric Rudder, Senior Vice President at Microsoft for nearly 1h30, along with three of my students who actively contributed to the Sqwarea project, an open source C# game designed for Windows Azure.

Eric proposed internships at MS Research after about 45min of discussion (really nice since CS students are expected to make a research internship in the US in their 2nd year at the ENS).

(From left to right: Joannes Vermorel, Ludovic Patey, Robin Morisset, Eric Rudder, Fabrice Ben Hamouda)

Special thanks to Thomas Serval and Pierre-Louis Xech who made this meeting possible in the first place.

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That’s really nice ! I never saw three CS students of the ENS so well-dressed ! May 28, 2010 | Mehdi Bouaziz