Dismal IT usually starts with recruitment agencies

In most companies, especially non-tech companies, the IT landscape is dismal: the old ERP (vastly unmaintainable) coexists the new ERP (mostly unmaintainable). Sales figures from the ERP diverges from the ones of the Business Intelligence which also diverge from the ones of the CRM. Systems are slow and unreliable. Major evolutions take years, etc. Technical debt has not been paid for years, and interests are usurious.

Root causes of dismal IT are many. Enterprise software vendors have their share of owernship in the mess, but usually they are more a symptom of the problem rather than the cause of the problem. Indeed, had the company been more prepared, no big check would have been signed to such troublesome vendors in the first place.

Such a situation calls for a 5 whys analysis popularized by Toyota:

If you want a better IT, the journey starts by re-internalizing every single recruitement.