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A weirder definition of Bitcoin

While attemps have been made in the past to come up with a definition of Bitcoin, I felt that those definitions were somehow failing at capturing the very esssence of Bitcoin, so I decided to roll my own. Enjoy!

A weirder definition of Bitcoin

Abstract: Bitcoin is best characterized as an exceedingly weird virtue-inducing artifact. Attempts at making Bitcoin less weird have only two outcomes: either the attempt fails and Bitcoin just becomes weirder; or the attempt succeeds and this is not Bitcoin anymore. The weirdest part of Bitcoin is probably that its own excess of weirdness can be reliably relied upon, as the author demonstrates by providing corollaries of practical interest out of the present definition. Anecdotally, it also explains why Satoshi Nakamoto opted to remain anonymous, as it is usually frowned upon to conjure exceedingly weird inventions.

PDF at

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